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“At Canadian to the Core, our mission is to create high-quality, sporty and outdoorsy clothing that celebrates the spirit of Canada. We are committed to using only the finest materials and craftsmanship to ensure that our products are durable, comfortable and stylish. Our clothing is designed for people who love to explore the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking, camping, skiing, in the rink or on the diamond, or just enjoying the natural beauty of Canada. We strive to embody the adventurous and resilient spirit that defines Canadians and to inspire others to embrace the same values. As a company, we are passionate about supporting our local communities and preserving the natural beauty of Canada for future generations.”

Our Story

How did we
get here?

One day I was thinking about all the things that set Canada apart from other countries and there were numerous thoughts that came to mind.

Such as how friendly we are too one another, our optimism, and how we are always willing to share a helping hand.

We have so much to offer and so much to share with the rest of the world.

We as Canadians always seem to take a back seat to other countries, so I thought it was time we show the world how proud we are of Canada and how deeply we believe we are the greatest country on earth!

The rest is history…

Canadian to the Core was born!

its all the crazy things that are going on in this world, Canada is a pretty awesome place to live!
Scott Ward
Founder, CEO

Canadian to the Core

Being Canadian to the core means embodying the values, beliefs, and characteristics that are commonly associated with Canadian culture.

As a Canadian, there is a sense of pride in being part of a diverse and inclusive country, where people from all walks of life are welcomed and respected. Canadians are known for being friendly, polite, and helpful, and this is reflected in their daily interactions with others.

Canadians also value their natural environment, with its vast forests, lakes, and mountains, and strive to protect it for future generations. They enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, camping, playing hockey, throwing a baseball, and take pride in their country’s natural beauty.

Additionally, being Canadian means embracing multiculturalism, as Canada is a country made up of people from many different cultural backgrounds. Canadians are proud of their diverse heritage and celebrate it through festivals, food, sport, music, and cultural events.

Overall, being Canadian to the core means embodying the unique combination of values, beliefs, and characteristics that make Canada a welcoming, inclusive, and beautiful place to live.

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